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<  Ever had an itch and wanted something to scratch it with?
PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:51 pm  Reply with quote

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I have been sitting on this script for over a year and finally think it might be ready for the masses to use.

I call it AlienHunt and all it does is triggers on Alien Space. It has been successfully tested in subzero games and I think that any game that has aliens with up 2 names should work. It will write to a file named GAMENAME.aliens, sends a SubSpace message and also if you have the ding.wav sound file in your TWX Directory will also make a sound.

I am releasing this in source format because I believe that the source should be examined by anyone who runs the script.

The only guarantee I am willing to put on the table is that it works for me, if it don't work for you; the source is there fix it.

Maniac's AlienHunter Version 1.0.3

 Filename:  AlienHunt.ts
 Filesize:  2.32 KB
 Downloaded:  2381 Time(s)

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 11:56 am  Reply with quote
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We had a small convo afew months ago and Prome mentioned that the # info (who's online) isn't needed, and isn't as reliable as we hoped. Ever been in a game where aliens were supposed to have been turned off? But the ships were still there? Sometimes they still have a space too.

Turns out there are only 2 times the word "Space" appears in the Sector line.
1 it's uncharted.
2 when it's alien.

Looks like this:
Sector : xxxx in Ferrengi Space.
Sector : xxxx in Ascian Wanderers Space.
Sector : xxxx in SubterFuge Space.

So that formed the basis of the little print alien space snippet I posted here a while back. I adapted that to this concept (a resident checker for)...

I haven't tested it at all...

# -----------------------------------------------
# Quick script to detect aliens as they come in.
# Based on the script by Maniac.
# -----------------------------------------------
# -----------------------------------------------

# Set the filename
setvar $file GAMENAME & "-aliens.txt"
fileexists $sound "ding.wav"

# Set the triggers
killtrigger parse_sector
setTextLineTrigger parse_sector :parse_sector "Sector  :"

# Parse it and check for aliens...
killtrigger parse_sector
# Check for spoofs - _[1;32mSector
getWord CURRENTLINE $spoof_test 1
getWord CURRENTANSILINE $ansi_spoof_test 1
getWordPos $ansi_spoof_test $ansi_spoof_pos #27 & "[1;32m"
if ($spoof_test <> "Sector") OR ($ansi_spoof_pos < 1)
     # It's a spoof, blah!
     goto :set_the_triggers

# Get the sector number
getWord CURRENTLINE $alien_sector 3

# Get the constellation name from the trigger
getText CURRENTLINE $constellation "in " "."
stripText $constellation " (unexplored)"
stripText $constellation "uncharted space"
stripText $constellation "."

# With all of this, is it a particular alien "space" ?
getWordPos $constellation $pos "Space"
if ($pos > 0)
     # It is!

     # Here we make a padding variable. Makes it easier to read
     # the file output by spacing things out better.
     getLength $alien_sector $sector_size
     if ($sector_size = 1)
          setVar $pad "       "
     elseif ($sector_size = 2)
          setVar $pad "      "
     elseif ($sector_size = 3)
          setVar $pad "     "
     elseif ($sector_size = 4)
          setVar $pad "    "
     elseif ($sector_size = 5)
          setVar $pad "   "
          setVar $pad "   "

     # Write it all to the file defined above as $file.
     write $file $alien_sector & $pad & $constellation

     # Echo to screen
     echo ANSI_14 & "**" & $constellation & " found at " & $alien_sector & "*"

     # Play the sound
     if ($sound)
          sound "ding.wav"

# end if...

# Set the triggers again.
goto :set_the_triggers

I don't do the "script?" reply, but you can add that I guess if you want. The output is to the screen and a file, could add a subspace report too for corpie coordination. Changed the alien file name to a .txt file for easier loading in winblows XP, but other than that... same basic thing really.

Test it, see if it does the same thing. Should, but, well, no guarantees. =)
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