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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:49 pm  Reply with quote

Joined: 29 Jan 2007
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Location: KS


20k Sub Zero Edit with 52595 Warps
Warp Spec written after 1st Pass
Monitoring: Who's Online, Warps Found, 7 Warps-In (slows it down)

Start Time: 17:04:22
Pass Time Required Warps Accuracy Elapsed Time Time
1 1:13:58 46183 87.808% 1:13:58 18:18:30
2 0:56:35 50088 95.233% 2:10:43 19:15:05
3 2:43:42 52471 99.764% 4:54:25 21:58:47
4 0:06:48 52589 99.988% 5:01:15 22:05:35

Note: Pass 1 uses an adaptive plotting method, and you may think,
based on the percent complete display, that it will take a
lot longer than the time above to finish,it won't. It may
take a few minutes longer depending on some factors, but
not to the extent you will be thinking.


1. Bot friendly using a 10 second delay to run default settings

2. Restarts after a disconnect (you need your own relog script)

3. Option to save the warp spec after the first pass to a file.
This allows you to complete the first pass, automatically
create the warp spec, resume your ZTM, and allow you to email
the file to a corpie. Saved as (game name)warpSpec.txt.

4. SS warp spec send option when the ztm is completed. SS stays
active until killed. Option is automatic in bot or default
mode. Please make sure you have SS set. Wink

5. Ability to have corpies ZTM part of the universe (first selects
1 - xx, second selects xx to xxx, third selects xxx to SECTORS).

6. Option to view warps found during ZTM. This allows the user
to determine if they have found enough warps for whatever they
are wanting to do. The script will resume where it was stopped.

7. Option to view 7 warps-in found during 1st two passes.

8. Option to show who is online during ZTM interogation mode.

9. Computer or interogation mode (tested mainly with int mode).

10. Skips explored sectors to speed the ZTM up.

11. Data Options:
a. Write dead-end list.
b. Write 7 warps-in list.
c. Write SWATH warp data.
(Note SWATH updates when you run the ZTM this is
provided in the event a corpie only has SWATH)
d. Write a traffic analysis showing high traffic sectors
(Very high traffic may indicate a large bubble passes
through the sector).

12. Universe stats window showing the breakdown by number of sectors

Bug Fixes:

Additional windows opening on relog after a dropped connection.
Corp/split ztm mode, DE check checking all sectors.

20k ZTM with 99.988% accuracy in 5 hours 1 minute in testing. See forum thread for complete information.

 Filename:  ProZTM4.cts
 Filesize:  48.2 KB
 Downloaded:  1747 Time(s)

Promethius / Enigma / Wolfen
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