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There are currently 3 areas for you to upload to:

Uploading files here is a different than in most places. I wanted to make scripts and other uploads a community process. This way people could comment on a particular script and people could read them before downloading.

Scripts (and other files) here are uploaded via the forum. In order to upload files you must first sign on, then find the appropriate area in the downloads forum and post a topic there.

Files uploaded in the downloads area are automatically added to the downloads link.

After signing in and going to the correct forum, click on "post new topic."

At the bottom you'll see "Add an attachment." Click on that and browse to find your file. Once it's found, type in your description. That description will be the line that people see when they browse the script list.

Once you're done there, click "add attachment." This uploads the attachment and adds it to your message. From there simply type in your announce message and click submit. The file will be uploaded and added to the downloads area automatically.

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